Which Browser?

For various reasons we need information about a visitor’s browser. Not only to deliver shop content optimized for the respective end device, but also to evaluate our efforts for testing new functions: We always test the top 5 browser/operating system combinations. For this purpose, we classify the browser information (the so-called “user agent”).

In the admin area you can see this information for everyone.

Currently in front: Android before Windows. In the browser war, Google’s Chrome clearly leads Google’s chrome – this is based on data from our European clientele of about 120,000 visits per week.

This statistic uses the versions of browsers and operating systems – so it is always up-to-date.

Which browsers in the picture above (from StatCounter) are the best?


The tracking function has also been revised following the conversion to the new shop system. Tracking means on the one hand the session record of a customer (helpful for troubleshooting) but also the statistics about all customers and visitors. In addition to some corrections of the data, which flow into the well-known statistics module (Shop-Admin-Area > Statistics), Google Analytics (GA) is now optionally also fed with data.

Technically, however, this is not done directly from the customer’s browser – we protect our customers from overzealous advertisers (incl. Google itself). The transfer of data takes place – already with us anonymously – from our servers.

In GA, you can view page views (now depending on the article or product group!) and events (purchase orders and even deliveries of the drivers). Openings of the serial mails are also recorded!

You can turn it on by going to Settings > Tracking in the admin area of the shop. From October on the module will be charged, so until then: Try it!