Last version of the delivery app

We are pleased to announce version 1.5.1 of the delivery application to end the paperwork in the delivery van.

For example, if an additional box has to be added to an order at the last minute, it will appear directly marked in the application.


The delivery app creates a note about a specific customer, it will appear on the top, highlighted in blue, so we hope that no item remains undelivered!

We continue to develop this tool, hoping that it will be a useful aid for the delivery man in his daily work. Therefore, we would be grateful if you could send us your suggestions for further improvement. The concept was designed together with Höhenberger Biokiste and we are especially grateful to the delivery men Ben and Tom for their involvement in the development.

This post was written by Leon Kleffmann and Sebastian Egli from as guests.

Presentation of tours and tracking

The tour presentation has been reworked some time ago, but unfortunately this only works for users with Firefox or Chrome. There, however, the tour is about 10 times faster and customers with open orders are highlighted (yellow border to the number).

The tour logs display now also includes an estimate of the distance. Generally speaking that number will be smaller than the real distance. With an individual correction factor, which you have to calculate for yourself, you can save yourself the trip to the speedometer of the cars.