Reminder Emails

Our system has always sent reminder e-mails before deliveries are due. Depending on the settings, this takes place either directly before delivery or when a specific purchase order is created from a subscription.

In response to popular demand, proactive reminders are now also available: for customers who prefer to order periodically each time, or for occasional customers who have opted for this option.

As always, a number of rules are in place to protect customers from excessive mail from us – but you can now explicitly override this.

Here is the redesigned dialog in the PCG. Of course, customers can also change some options in their profile page.


In order to be able to structure the information about articles or product groups better, one could always use HTML. But this has disadvantages, e. g. the HTML tags are annoying if you read this information as text.

What’s new is that you can enter the text in the so-called wiki format in many places (e. g. in the article manager of the PCG or in Ecoinform) (see  documentation-> “Text”). Such texts are then formatted in the shop in a “beautiful” format, always adhere to the specifications of the WebDesigner and can also be read easily in raw form. And: you don’t need to know HTML.

Individualized emails

Own Email Templates

It was also possible to adapt the design of the email until now – however, the design had to be deposited in the shop. For some time now, your web designer can now design emails. Under Settings > Mail/SMS in the admin area, up to three templates can be stored, which can also be selected in the PCG – e. g. in the cover letter administration.

A template is HTML code at first, just as web pages are built. However, this HTML can be easily customized with the help of placeholders and variables. This goes not only for the salutation (%Title% becomes “Mr.” / “Mrs”), but also for embedding articles (such as a ticker!) or even text modules from the admin area’s content.

If you use a CMS, you can now also store the templates in the CMS and thus benefit from a uniform design and the reuse of contributions.

Each message from you could contain an advertising corner or a teaser for the Hoffest, which is inserted in every email. The PCG still only contains the message that belongs to customer communication.

All in all, there are now many possibilities to design the current (“transactional”) mails and the serial mails. A consultation may be necessary, please contact us.


As I just mentioned, the possibilities for personalization have been expanded. This has already worked for emails. What’s new is that this now also works in all placeholder texts.
In addition, you can use other text modules and variables in a placeholder text – there are only a few limits to creativity.

In addition, there are many new variables, for example to indicate the time or for links to the shop, similar to a ticker.