Customer Advisory Board

By the time of the PCG user meeting in 2017, we decided to establish a customer advisory board. This should improve the transparency of our decisions regarding development steps, establishing priorities and of course we also look forward to a better understanding of the challenges our users face every day.

We have currently nine users who represent a good spectrum of our customers, although not optimally (company size, PCG modules used or shops).  Interested? Further members are welcome!

This group has been meeting for about a year now, usually once a month in a telephone conference. Even users who are not on the advisory board can get in touch with them. Although the PCG team organises the advisory board meetings, this is a customer committee which can of course also organise itself to implement its wishes.

In addition to the topics that are obvious, such as the program functionalities, there are also many internal topics, from quality questions to prioritisation or personnel matters.

Current topics are the presentation of the support structure in the PCG team, the revision of the packing station and problems and implementation with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

You can find further information of the Advisory Board in the Documentation System (in German).

Emailing monthly invoices

For quite a long time now, automatically generated delivery notes can be sent to customers in PCG via PDF e-mail instead of being printed out and placed in the crate – and even, if the customer so desires, both can be done at the same time. This has proved so successful from both a business and ecological point of view that many companies have requested the same option for customers (usually companies) who require an invoice in addition to the delivery note. For the invoices generated automatically in the packing center or billing module together with the delivery notes, we have already implemented this for about one and a half years, whereby the invoice can also be sent to an email address that can be entered separately in the customer master module if required.

Now we have taken the next step and have also integrated the possibility of collected email dispatch for the invoices generated in the (large or small) customer master module – typically for the monthly payers. For many companies, this should make a whole number of monthly scheduled tasks for manually emailing monthly invoices superfluous. Continue reading “Emailing monthly invoices”

School fruit programs

For years we have been supporting the various school fruit programmes. Many users take advantage of this function in the PCG to deliver the different bags or packages in classes without losing track.

Not for the first time, the Bavarian form for the settlement of the delivered school fruit quantities has changed: The new version is now available in the PCG.

Many thanks to the companies that have informed us about this change – also in the future we would like to ask you to contact us as soon as possible when such new developments become known and to send us the necessary changes as concretely as possible: We ourselves cannot regularly follow all relevant developments and adapt the PCG on our own initiative, but are dependent on signals from the user side.

Reminder Emails

Our system has always sent reminder e-mails before deliveries are due. Depending on the settings, this takes place either directly before delivery or when a specific purchase order is created from a subscription.

In response to popular demand, proactive reminders are now also available: for customers who prefer to order periodically each time, or for occasional customers who have opted for this option.

As always, a number of rules are in place to protect customers from excessive mail from us – but you can now explicitly override this.

Here is the redesigned dialog in the PCG. Of course, customers can also change some options in their profile page.

Changes to the permissions system

This is still quite fresh, even if some emails have already arrived. The role assignment has been in the PCG for a long time now, and even if there are other plans to standardize the PCG and shop roles, the current reorganisation should come closer to the conditions in the companies.

Roles are set in the PCG in the employee administration or in the customer/net data.

The most important changes:

  • The super access (i. e. the one with a superpassword) doesn’t get a link to the admin-area anymore – this is only for customer support (and therefore better called super-customer)
  • Only logged-in users in admin role, WebDesigner role or the “drivers with privileges” have access to it, and then only to certain areas.
  • WebAdmins = WebDesigner no longer have access to sensitive data under Geo/Stats/Status
  • Driver MUST be in a driver’s role! Previously, the employee assignment was sufficient.

This means that, among other things, the operating data (key figures, statistics) can only be viewed by the correct “administrator”, usually as the manager.

As a side effect, there are now also easier access possibilities to the admin area directly from the PCG. More about this in a later article.