Meet the team: Rakel

Hi, my name is Rakel, I’m 39 years old and I’ve been part of the PCG team for the last year. After graduating in Tourism I spent more than a decade travelling and working across Europe (Barcelona, Italy, France, Scotland, Finland). When I returned to Spain I met an association of organic farmers. In 2016 we set up a cooperative with online sale of organic boxes in which I managed the invoicing, the warehouse, I organized packing and delivery and I took care of the customer service, using PCG and Ökobox online for a year and a half.

After translating the software into French, I give telephone assistance to French and Hispanic companies that use it.

I live with my children, my cat and my terrapin in Granada, a beautiful city in the south of Spain. In my leisure time I like running, hiking, play with my kids and recently I started skateboarding!

Meet the Team: Bob

Today Bob introduces himself as part of this set.

Having studied electrical/microelectronic engineering, I worked for several years in sales and support of complex machines before moving on to softwares. After several years programming in an Internet marketing company, the first online shops for PC Gärtner were created.

This has become, within the PCG team, a very complete system with numerous users.

I am an enthusiastic programmer; I find it particularly interesting to use modern and sometimes complex technologies in our systems, and at the same time to work in a fair and sustainable way. Also to organize the interaction of the different members of this project is very nice.

After a long time in Bavaria, I am now living with my family in Dresden.

As a programmer, I appreciate the flexibility of the workplace, which I use occasionally to explore other regions. I also like going to the mountains – sometimes even without a laptop 🙂 .

Meet the Team: Wolfgang

Hello, I’m Wolfgang, many of you already know me from the meetings in Germany as a PCG user in the company Reichenauer Gemüsekiste, which is jointly managed by the Wurz and Huber families. We have been working with organic boxes subscriptions for 10 years and since 2010 using PC Garden.

Since 2017 I also assist the PCG support team with telephone assistance and remote maintenance.

Blick aus dem Büro


Together with my family (my wife and our three children), I live and work where others go on holiday: on the island of Reichenau, on Lake Constance. In my spare time I like running, cycling, going to the music club, water sports – and as the mountains are not far away, skiing too.


Meet the Team: Katrin

Today it is Katrin’s turn in our round of introductions:

“A warm hello to you! I would like to start my presentation with the three most important places for me so far. These are Berlin (where I grew up), Freising (where I lived for over 20 years and founded my family) and Dresden, Saxony. Here I (or better: we) live again, following the five very nice years during my studies in this city.

As an engineer and adult educator, I have worked a lot at universities and still do so to a very limited extent. But professionally I am more than ever in the PCG team. With Bob, my husband, known to everyone as the heart and soul of Ökobox-Online, I am working on what has priority: testing software, contacting you customers, moderating user meetings, writing texts for the documentation platform or blog, recording videos for marketing purposes or as tutorials and discussing future features.

I find it fascinating how we in the team “only” connected with telephone, email, Trello and Skype work together on projects for you, the user of PC Gärtner and the Ökobox online shop most of the time. We can say that there is always someone from the PCG team nearby. No matter where.
Greetings from Saxony!”


Spring User Meeting 2018

Many new and young PCG users accepted our invitation to the User Meeting 2018 in Schmerlenbach near Aschaffenburg, Germany. 60 people from 32 companies came together – many familiar faces and of course many from the PCG team.

Katrin has again moderated and conducted us through the wealth of topics:

We started with the presentation of various service packages that we see as useful for PCG users – from a consultation regarding the use of enterprise resource planning (Charly), to the new backup or assistance in implementing a uniform email communication (Bob).  After a breakup with the presentation of the chat system, Hanno introduced our new documentation system. In terms of content, of course, it was all about the new shop – what can you do with it, what is there to set? We demonstrated this during a “foray” through the building blocks of the new system. Designed as an open system, some special offers will be added in 2018 for the implementation of the online shops. Leon, known to many as the face behind the driver app, presented an idea – exciting! The users of the new shop spontaneously called their own small meeting – and developed good ideas.

As always, Erhard and Markus presented news from the PCG. Ralph showed – right with all the hardware! – how to connect a telephone system to the PCG.

The evenins went on in the bar (a new room in the monastery building!), there is always too much to discuss within the community.

So we stick to the concept: a user meeting in autumn on a Friday and Saturday in the middle of Germany (Kassel) and a user meeting in January/February from Wednesday to Friday in Schmerlenbach near Aschaffenburg. Register again, always 4… 6 weeks before the appointment, with Sandra!

Meet the Team: Andrea

This time it’s Andrea in our round of introductions:

“My name is Andrea Rohmann and I am part of the PCG support team.
I have been using the PCG software as a user for two years.
Since the beginning of 2016, I’m happy to be able to help with support questions by mail and phone, and I’m very happy to be working in a team where everyone is there for everyone.
I try to reproduce error messages, test them for their regularity and document them for development / correction. When not doing this, I create help texts and help films or cut and edit the seminar films.

I live and work in the beautiful Allgäu in the small (not Gaulish) village of Warmisried near Mindelheim/Bad Wörishofen. I was born in the Ruhr area.
When I’m not dealing with the PCG, I’m on my bike (to survive the ascents -> a pedelec), hike or rush with straw hat with the convertible through the Allgäu to discover beautiful places.
In indoor weather I like to forge jewelry, paint, listen to good music of all styles, watch movies that have something to tell and practice playing the didgeridoo. It’s good for free sinuses!”

Meet the Team: Hanno

Today it is Hanno’s turn in our round of introductions:

“My name is Hanno Scholz, and in PCG I am part of the support team. After four years as a driver and in the office of a PCG delivery company, I switched to the other side of the phone in 2014, so to speak. Together with my colleagues, I try to find answers for your questions and concerns, which will help you in the current situation – and, if possible, also provide suggestions for your future exploration of unused functionalities.
Another important area is to participate in the documentation of the modules, the writing of instructions and the maintenance of our innovation documentation: At the moment, my main focus is on moving our PCG help system to a wiki system that also includes the online shop help, and that should be easier for us to maintain and better to use for you.

I live and work in my birthplace Leipzig, where I was born more than four decades ago. Most of my free time I spend with my wonderful family, the five of us never get bored. If I had a little more leisure time, I’d like to pick up the clarinet and saxophone more often and achieve a level that is at least suitable for home use.”

Meet the Team: Simon

And today it’s Simon who wants to introduce himself:

“I’m Simon Heilmeier, 22 years old and I’m from Freising. In 2017, I moved from my computer science studies to PC Gärtner GmbH in order to gain practical experience in programming. Since September I have been supporting the PCG team in programming and now, after the training, I will work more and more productively on PCG modules.

In addition to my education, I spend my time playing football and snowboarding in winter, as well as all sorts of things to do with computers.”

Meet the Team: Daniel

In this section we will introduce you to colleagues occasionally. Today it’s Daniel’s turn!

I am Töpfl Daniel, 20 years young, and come from beautiful Bavaria. Since 2015 I have been in training as IT specialist for application development at PCGärtner GmbH. I support the PCG team from graphic design to independent projects such as the cash book. In my spare time I have fun with friends and take advantage of my age: -P.

The digital cash book is a module that simplifies the recording of cash register withdrawals and makes them verifiable. The application can be installed on different devices.