CRM with PCG: Action Groups

CRM means Customer Relationship Management – thats english, but in many languages thats rather naively translated and it often means just  “customer administration”- but that’s not true of course. We don’t want to administrate our customers, but rather value them, we want them to know and to buy our products … and we want them to get more!

The improved newsletter functionality enhances the concept of action groups in the PCG, too. So far, customers or interested visitors could be organized in these groups already. Now, for the newsletter registration, you can determine in which groups the new addresses should end up. This makes sense not only if there are several registration pathes (e. g. on several websites): With the knowledge about the “origin” (or other properties) of a prospective customer you can create much more targeted campaigns.
The individual assignment of customers to groups takes place in the screen that has the customer’s communication settings.
For the combination of groups, you can use the customer filters or the various markers, with which you can now filter independently of the action management.


The tracking function has also been revised following the conversion to the new shop system. Tracking means on the one hand the session record of a customer (helpful for troubleshooting) but also the statistics about all customers and visitors. In addition to some corrections of the data, which flow into the well-known statistics module (Shop-Admin-Area > Statistics), Google Analytics (GA) is now optionally also fed with data.

Technically, however, this is not done directly from the customer’s browser – we protect our customers from overzealous advertisers (incl. Google itself). The transfer of data takes place – already with us anonymously – from our servers.

In GA, you can view page views (now depending on the article or product group!) and events (purchase orders and even deliveries of the drivers). Openings of the serial mails are also recorded!

You can turn it on by going to Settings > Tracking in the admin area of the shop. From October on the module will be charged, so until then: Try it!

Presentation of tours and tracking

The tour presentation has been reworked some time ago, but unfortunately this only works for users with Firefox or Chrome. There, however, the tour is about 10 times faster and customers with open orders are highlighted (yellow border to the number).

The tour logs display now also includes an estimate of the distance. Generally speaking that number will be smaller than the real distance. With an individual correction factor, which you have to calculate for yourself, you can save yourself the trip to the speedometer of the cars.